Emira’s Mommy…

This is Emira’s mommy…I am so glad that we were able to capture a few shots of  Yoivel and her adorable belly, OK a lot of shots! what can I say my Nikon simply loved her! Yoivel’s husband is an amazing photographer (even though he’s a cannon shooter 😉 ) and don’t tell him I said this, but has taught me so much, that its probably safe to say I wouldn’t be able to do what I LOVE to do without his shared knowledge and wisdom. If you ever need a wedding photographer he’s your guy ( he also does portraits engagements, seniors, etc. etc.) www.altorrico.com

This is Yoivel and Al’s second baby and I can’t wait to meet the little guy. Will he have light skin like Emira? Or maybe blue eyes also? Regardless they have been blessed with 2 healthy children. And I wish them only the best. I love you guys!





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