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My name is Vanessa and live in the Santa Clarita area. I am a wife, mother and a successful business woman.

I sat here at age '30 something' asking myself, "What am I doing with my life?"

YES, I am a wife and mother of three first and foremost, but still can't help feeling that my career isn't as fulfilling as I would like.

I received my degree in Fashion Design 14 years ago and worked for various design houses in the fashion industry. I dabbled in make-up artistry for several years as I furthered my design career. Although both careers are very exciting and rewarding, as a creative and artistic person, I never felt as fulfilled as I do when I pick up my camera and look through the viewfinder.

And just like that with something as simple as the sound of a few clicks; it was like music notes to my ears, I Vanessa Betancourt am having a romance with my Nikon Camera.

When I had children, they became my favorite subjects and I found that natural lighting was fun to play with, so I started taking pictures of them and family and found that photography was what I wanted to pursue.

That is what brought me to this moment in time. The moment when you know that life is as it should be.

I am inspired by natural lighting and beautiful unique locations. I feel I am an artist with creative enthusiasm, a person who is comfortable with people, and a photographer who cares about the final result.

I invite you to visit my site, please stay a while and enjoy.