Besides getting french kissed by Copper (yes the family dog), this family was so much fun. I have known Mariah, the oldest daughter, from the age of  about 2 years old.  Seeing her all grown up and become such a beautiful young woman, aside from making me feel VERY old, I am so proud of her and even more proud of her Mom. Courtney did such an AMAZING job at raising not only her but now 3 more Beautiful and Amazing kids. The two little ones got a kick out of watching my assistant (also known as my husband) play puppets with tutu’s on his head to get them to laugh. And let me not forget about Mike (the hubby).  He has been an extraordinary father to all 4 kids, and a great husband to my friend Courtney.

You guys are a beautiful family, and I feel blessed to call you my friends.





OK. Now, this takes skill! Not only did you get great shots of the family – but the dog too!? You go ‘Nessa!

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