Evangelina Grace…

 This love bug is beautiful, and I may be bias because she’s my niece or she really is precious!

It’s always great to be able to photograph precious milestones like this especially for family.

From the top of their perfectly round head down to those tiny little ten toes…I Love my Job!


Grandma Yolanda

These pictures literally take my breathe away….I too, bias, as her grandma who witnessed her grand entrance into this world in a pool of warm water. Her smooth float made my heart skip a beat as I watched her mommy lift her out in the most peaceful and graceful manner…as her daddy talked to her and her heart beat grew stronger…surely God’s gift to our family.
I can’t thank you enough for your precious talent of demonstrating your love in your profession and the beauty of Gods’ little angels.
God bless you always.

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