Danian & Mykela

OK…so when I spoke to these 2 adorable kids’ mom and asked, “What is Danian in to?”  She responded, “Well, he’s into Harley Davidson motorcycles!”  I never in a million years expected a 4 year old to show up strutting and rocking an outfit like this…I mean I almost died when I saw him! Who needs a stylist at a photo shoot when you have kids that dress themselves and show up with style! Oh and did I mention, he is also into Michael Jackson (hint the red jacket)! I LOVE IT! Danian’s 10 month old little sister, Mykela, was adorable as well. I just wanted to squeeze her cheeks.  It was hard not to fall in love with her little nose scrunching smile!





6 Month Old Joaquin…

What a little swagger, right? Joaquin was so cooperative for the camera.

It took a lot of puppet playing and his parents jumping up and down behind me to get this adorable little boy to smile. But like I always say a non-crying baby is a happy baby in my view finder!

As you can see in some of the pictures of the bunny accents, I am behind on this blog post also….sssshhhhhhh don’t tell anyone! 😉







Isabella and Alexa

Yes, I am still alive!

I am sorry I have been neglecting my poor little blog lately!

I have so many sessions to post, but before I bombard you with many recent sessions, I promised these 2 adorable girls’ mom I would post their session. I can’t believe I let this one slip through my fingers and didn’t post sooner…

These 2 little girls were so much fun.  Both with such different personalities, yet both TRUE BEAUTIES.

They were both so excited for their photo shoot showing me their outfits they had chosen for it, then on to location…

Little Alexa was a bit timid for the camera at first, after a few tickle monsters and sticking out of the tongue she loosened up and had fun.

Isabella on the other hand was loving the camera from the beginning, as much as my camera was loving her.

I can’t wait to shoot them again!






Maggie and Juan

OOOOOHHHH……How I am LOVING my prego clients lately!

There’s something so amazingly innocent and beautiful about a woman expecting. These 2 are the cutest, they are expecting their first child and can’t wait to meet the little fella’!


(so this is Maggie’s mom who was visiting from out of town, she had asked Juan to take a picture of her with her cellphone, and I couldn’t help but snap a few myself!)








Emira’s Mommy…

This is Emira’s mommy…I am so glad that we were able to capture a few shots of  Yoivel and her adorable belly, OK a lot of shots! what can I say my Nikon simply loved her! Yoivel’s husband is an amazing photographer (even though he’s a cannon shooter 😉 ) and don’t tell him I said this, but has taught me so much, that its probably safe to say I wouldn’t be able to do what I LOVE to do without his shared knowledge and wisdom. If you ever need a wedding photographer he’s your guy ( he also does portraits engagements, seniors, etc. etc.) www.altorrico.com

This is Yoivel and Al’s second baby and I can’t wait to meet the little guy. Will he have light skin like Emira? Or maybe blue eyes also? Regardless they have been blessed with 2 healthy children. And I wish them only the best. I love you guys!