Happy 2nd Birthday EMIRA FAITH…

I always LOVE photographing this little girl…I’m sure you all can guess why? Well besides the fact that she is adorable…her eyes are AMAZING! When her mommy called me and told me she wanted to do a birthday theme I was super excited and let my creativity juices start flowing…I had the talented Jeannie Chang make the birthday girl banner (she makes adorable special occasion accents and decor)  After a few hot glue gun and staple injuries I was able to put together a birthday crown(yes the whole intent was for her to wear it) I wrapped any boxed shaped items I could find around the house as gifts, and we threw in some Easter accents! I think that equals for a cute Birthday theme background don’t you think? Emira was having an off day, we had to bribe her with a lollipop, but in the end were able to get some cute shots. Emira’s Mommy is 8 months pregnant so we also did a few Maternity shots of her. (that will be my next blog post) so keep an eye out.









Lisah and Kevin

Lisah and Kevin have been together for 13 years and married for 6.

This is their first baby and they are SUPER EXCITED! When Kevin is not off fighting fires and Lisah is taking a break from her amazing canvas painting, they enjoy surfing together. So its no surprise that they wanted their portrait session to be where else but their second home away from home …the beach. They were so cute, he kept playing with her popped out belly button and she was simply glowing. Congratulations to you both and good luck on your new journey of parenthood. Can’t wait to meet Little Precious Heidi!







Happy 1st Birthday…FRANCESCA!

This Beautiful little pumpkin is my Very Good Friends daughter, Francesca!

She is truly a miracle and a blessing. I applaud my friend for her courage and  strength while carrying this baby, I have never witnessed anyone

endure what she had to, and for that I commend her.

Francesca is always smiling and truly a happy baby. Maybe only at 1 she is grateful, or maybe she just simply knows how much she is TRULY LOVED!undefinedundefinedundefinedundefined


November Contest Winner…Kylie!


Kylie was my November “GIVE THANKS” Facebook contest winner!

This 10 month old baby was so easy to photograph. I didn’t think she was going to last more than 30 minutes.  But Kylie proved me wrong, lasting about an hour before she started to get fussy.   With just a few baby puffs later, she was once again hamming it up for the camera.




Close to my Heart…

A lot of people often ask me why I never post pics of my own kids, besides the fact that they run the other way at the first glance of my big ol’camera. They HATE me taking pic’s of them. This was an idea my siblings and I had as a Christmas gift for our Mom and Dad “Let’s get pictures of all the grandkids together!”. Well easier said than done. Since I live in Los Angeles and my siblings are in San Diego, we made a plan to meet half way, and where else than the Beautiful Beautiful Beautiful San Juan Capistrano Mission. If you haven’t been it is a must. First let me start by saying as we were driving down there it started to rain. We quickly found shelter across the street at Starbucks waiting for the first glimpse of sunshine. Some coffee and 6 hot chocolates later, we got the kids dressed and walked across the street. Now comes the easy part right?…WRONG…taking pictures of 7 kids (YES! I do include my teenage son as one of the kids because believe it or not HE was the most difficult of all.) was no easy task. I wish I had captured a picture of my sister jumping up and down to get everyone’s attention and my brother singing to his baby boy.

A few hours of jumping, singing, kids complaining, and our tummy’s growling, we called it

” A WRAP!”

It was all worth it when we saw the look on our mom’s surprised face when she opened up her canvas gallery wrap.

I don’t think I have ever seen her cry like that before.

(from left to right: Cristian (my older sisters son), Gianna (my little sisters daughter), Nico (my teenage son), Baby Karlo Jr. ( my brothers son), Paulina (my older sisters daughter), Diego ( my middle child), and last but not least my terror Ava.)