Valdes Family

Ok…Starting now I am going to apologize for the longest post ever…this was probably one of my all time favorite sessions. I had so much fun with this family. These boys were so funny and had me laughing the whole time (even throughout editing I  found myself laughing even more). What I loved the most about these boys was their distinct and unique character, while together complimenting one another. The camera could not capture enough of Cash hamming it up or Chase’s more reserved and affectionate personality.

Did I mention…boy do they love their mommy!



What a gorgeous family!!! Great job capturing each of them!!

Boys Will be Boys…

Nate is 4 years old and hadn’t had his nap, and for those of us who are moms, you know what that means! Let’s just say he wasn’t to excited about being photographed.

On our way to the first location Nate decided to take a power nap. Once he powered up and a few shots later, he was a ball of energy. He even took it upon himself to jump into his brothers solo shots.

Nate’s 10 year old brother, Jorge, was a natural in front of the camera. I could not get enough of him. Zac Efron and Justin Bieber look out here comes Jorgey M.

After almost 2 hours, 3 locations and many wardrobe changes later it was a wrap!

I hope you boys enjoyed your slurpees!


Nessa B. Photography

( or as Nate liked calling me “chacha”)


Al T

Good looking work Nessa!