Cooper is ONE….

This place was Amazing…we did Cooper’s 1 year birthday session at his Grandparents house with lots and lots of orchards of oranges, avocados, lemons….it was so beautiful, the lighting was gorgeous.I even managed to snap a few of older sister Courtney while Mr. Cooper took a tiny food break…;) Had Lots of Fun!

Happy Birthday Mr. Cooper!




A Little Miracle…

I had the pleasure of photographing this little miracle as soon as she was home and ready.

Although I do believe every newborn is a gift and miracle in its own, this precious child is more than just that.

Through Lots of faith and prayer she beat all odds and obstacles that were placed in front of her.

Giselle’s mom went into labor at 23 weeks after her water broke from a surgical procedure being performed to stop her cervix from dilating any further than it had already.

At 23 weeks Mom was told her chances of survival were very slim and to prepare for the worse.

Completely bed bound and not being able to move at all Mom was able to keep Giselle in for another 2 and a half weeks. Giselle Valentina was born at 25 weeks and 5 days. weighing only 1 lb. 13ounces. 13″ long. Immediately she was placed in an inclosed incubator for 3 weeks then graduated to a regular crib in the NICU where she remained for the next 3 months.

She was finally released weighing 6lbs 5oz healthy as healthy can be. Mommy recalls being admitted to the hospital and a doctor telling her about the risks and statistics of babies being born at such an early gestational period and it was not looking good for them. He continued to say he had to be honest with them followed by

“BUT, I am not one to stand in the way of a miracle!”

It was truly an honor to photograph this newborn!



ACIS Family…

I think I have become so accustomed to FaceBook that I have very sadly and embarrassed to admit, have neglected my blog. I was recently sick in bed for 3 days and thought, I have time to go through my blog and update and check my files for 2012. I was so surprised to realize I photographed over 110 sessions last year. 26- children, 30 families, 24 maternity and 32 Newborns…..WOW! How many of those sessions do you think I posted on my blog?….8….YES that’s right ONLY 8! I PROMISE FOR 2013 to post regularly and weekly! This is one of my favorite family sessions from 2012. Had Lots of fun and LOVE LOVE LOVE when the Hubbys have personality…was laughing the whole time!