Peter Norton Townshend, Jr.

Peter Norton Townshend, Jr. has the honor of being a little brother to 5 older siblings, Cailin, Calvin, Amelia, Rosalie and Benjamin.

Born at 7 pounds 10 ounces

I had the pleasure of photographing Peter only 8 days new after birth.

Although he was a little stubborn at first and refused to miss the party to dose off into a deep slumber. He could not resist my many tricks I keep up my sleeve.

 As you can tell Mommy is a big baseball fan.



Valentine Mini Shoot Out Day 2…

I had such high reaction from my Valentine Mini Shoot out in the south bay area, that I had to add another day.

Day 2 was a bit crazier than day 1…

11 Families and 20 kids…. (yes you read correctly…20 kids!!!)

AGAIN I want to thank the amazing


Ms. Anna Thomas Stevens


for all the amazing hair pieces she made for this session!


These first kiddos are no stranger to you or my blog…

Mr. Brendan (4yrs old) and Mr. Declan (17 months)

Brendan’s favorite color is Blue. He likes to ride his scooter, go to the park

and hang out with his #1 girl and Best Friend Ella. When he grows up he wants to be a Fireman.(Just like Daddy)

Declan’s favorite color is Green. He loves hanging out and playing with his older brother, especially ride his scooter.

He loves to read books and go to the park. Declan loves to climb into tiny spaces, so parents think he

will be  good at search and rescue when he grows up.

Mr. Rico(4 yrs old) & Miss Aubrey(2 yrs old)

Rico’s favorite color is Blue and he enjoys riding his scooter and bike on the weekends.

When he grows up he wants to be a Monster Truck Driver!

Miss Aubrey’s favorite color is Pink. She loves to have play-dates on

the weekends and dance, so its no surprise that when she grows up she wants to be a ballerina!

This little sweet angel is Miss Riley only 5 months new! She loves to sleep and eat( so jealous 😉 )

I LOVE photographing little ones, but once in a while its always a blessing when you get older kids.

Especially these 2 pretty little ladies.

Miss Tori(10 yrs old) & Miss Jessie(6 yrs old)

Tori’s favorite color is blue and on the weekends she likes to play softball. Jessie’s favorite color is also blue.

On the weekends she likes to play outside and pretend play. When she grows up she wants to be a teacher.

As I was doing my shoot out, I ran into my friend and her kiddos…so of course I had to get at least

one pic of her gorgeous boys!

Mr. Aidan and Mr. Ethan

These 2 cutie patootie’s are brothers

 Mr. Steven( 6 yrs old) and Mr. Aidan(4 yrs old)

Steven’s favorite color is Green, he wants to be a fireman when he

grows up and loves to ride his scooter & play basketball on the weekends!

Aidan’s favorite color is blue and he also enjoys a game of basketball on the weekends!

ok I almost died when I saw Mr. Adorable Joaquin (2 yrs old).

I had not seen him since I photographed him at 6 months old.

He likes the color green and on the weekends he enjoys playing with his animal toys,

go to the park and loves to watch movies.

One of the best things about being a photographer is you come across all these AMAZING families.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this family, as always they have me cracking up the whole time along with their hilarious mom.

These next kiddos are definitely special. and its ALWAYS a pleasure to photograph them.

Mr. Dempsey (5 yrs old), Miss Sullivan (4 yrs old) & Miss Hattie (1 yr old)

Dempsey’s favorite color is red, he likes to swim play soccer and ride his scooter.

When he grows up he wants to be a MUMMY…??? LOL

 Sulli’s favorite color is pink. She loves to swim and ride scooter.

She wants to be a soccer player when she grows up. Hattie’s favorite color is green. She loves to sleep (me too 😉 )

and when she grows up she wants to be a couch potato (again, me too!)

My good friend was so kind to let me use her home for this weekend, that I had to snap a few shots of her 2

BEAUTIFUL daughters. Miss Rhiannon (12 yrs old) & Miss Addison (6 yrs old)

Another favorite Family I have met in the past years doing this. With 2 Beautiful Daughters.

 Brendan’s #1 gal Miss Ella (4 yrs old) and little sister Miss Anniston (1 yr old) Ella loves the color pink. Anniston’s

favorite color is purple.

This ball of cuteness is the adorable 6 month new.

Miss Charlie Lily Bell

I love saying her full name, it just flows right off your tongue.

She was so big since last I saw her from her newborn

session and just as beautiful as I remember! She likes the color pink. Charlie loves playing with her daddy, spend

time with her family, and dancing and singing along to music. When she grows up Mommy wants her to play sports

and dance like a ballerina.(Just like her cousins Rhi and Addi).

Charlie will also have to learn the ropes at daddy’s (Andy Bell) work

so when she grows up she can take over the business and make movies!




Best Friends? True Love? Maybe Both….

Let me start by saying when I first started photographing Mr. Brendan a few years ago,

he would talk about “his number 1 girl”.

When I finally got to meet this mystery girl, I could see right away why he was so smitten.


They both spoke of each other as they were truly born to be BEST FRIENDS!

So as you can imagine I was thrilled to finally get them together under one session….

(to view these in color follow this link to my Facebook Page)



Valentine Mini Shoot Out Day 1

First I have to start by saying I had so much fun photographing this Mini V-Day Shoot Out.

This was something new for me that many clients had been asking for. I never thought I would of been able to pull it off ONLY 15 minutes of shoot time?…


BUT everyone was GREAT and I was able to do it, maybe with a bit of soreness and back ache (might be the age 😉 )BUT ALL WORTH EVERY SINGLE FRAME!

Creating the sets for this session was a blast…from Making the OVER SIZED playing cards even gluing down every single piece of newspaper to the kids chairs.

Loved making the angel wings down to shopping for all the accessories.

BUT it would of all never came together without the AMAZING AND TALENTED Miss Anna Thomas Stephens that created the Girls hair pieces for this session.

I was SO HAPPY with the end results of her creations and I can’t wait to work with her again.




THANK YOU to all my regular clients and all the lovely newbies for ALL THE LOVE (and PATIENCE when I ran a little behind)!



FIRST of was this Cutie Pa-tootie ( whom I may add ALWAYS LOVE photographing)

Mr. 6 year old Dylan

Dylan’s Favorite colors are Red White & Blue and wants to be a Fireman AND Gardener when he grows up (you can never have to many jobs)

This Family was GREAT…there’s a big age difference between these 2 siblings, reminded me of my family, BUT the LOVE was still there.

Molly 22, who was visiting from out of town, and took time away from playing with her dog to come photograph with her little brother 9 year old  Trent.

Trent’s favorite color is Green (mine TOO!) and wants to be a TV host for a show on Geography.

5 Year Old Mr. Travis & 3 Year Old Miss Ashley

Travis LOVES riding dirt bikes and watching sports while Ashley loves playing and feeding her dolls.

A Fireman and Dancer is what this sibling duo want to be when they grow up!

P.S. LOVED her RED nail polish! 😉 and check out his dimples….SO CUTE!

I LOVE girls with bangs….Miss 3 year old Courtney and her little brother Mr. Cooper ( 9 months old)

They Love playing outside. Maybe that’s why Courtney’s favorite color is blue. Courtney wants to be a Doctor when she grows up. (I hear UCLA has a GOOD program 😉 )

Mr. Joey (6 Years Old)  and Miss Mackenzie (4 Years Old) LOVE to play on the weekends. Her favorite color is Pink and his Blue.

Mackenzie wants to be Rapunzel when she grows up.

One brown eyed and one green, they both have BEAUTIFUL eyes.

 I was dying over 3 year old Miss Gemma’s stylish outfit. down to the rain boots when they showed up.

Mr. Gianni (22 months) had the the most beautiful big brown eyes.

They love playing on the weekends and Miss Gemma wants to be a Princess when she grows up( maybe that’s why she LOVED the crown piece so much 😉 )


OK first off NO I did not style this lovely girl…YES she showed up with this most amazing BEAUTIFUL vintage looking dress  AND her hair styled, down to the red lipstick.

Almost 6 years old Miss Sydney loves the color violet. She loves to ride her bike and play with friends on the weekend. Miss Sydney wants to be a nurse when she grows up.

Last BUT not least we wrapped it up with this 8 month old

Mr. Gregory

He loves the color Blue. On the weekends he loves to hang with his parents and wants to be PRESIDENT when he grows up.

I just wanted to SQUEEZE him, he was so cute!